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Recent Projects

Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel repair project

Fire protection - Project management

Réseau express métropolitain

Fire protection - Project management - BIM modeling

Nouvelle école secondaire de Drummondville

Fire protection - Project management - BIM modeling - Prefab - Procurement


Fire protection - Project management - BIM modeling - Prefab - Procurement

Small and medium businesses

Fire protection - Design - Water test - Risk study - Fire protection systems upgrade


bciti connects citizens and their municipalities using smart digital services

New Maison de Radio-Canada

Fire protection - Project management


Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance


Mechanical completion

Mont-Wright Mine

Mechanical Completion and Commissioning

Rhourde Nouss QH


Residential construction

Single-family house


An integrated management approach, from design to operation.
Total continuity of advanced BIM and cloud technologies throughout the project lifecycle.

General contractor

Commercial construction - Project management

Engineering Plans and Specifications

Fire protection and alarm - Design - Supervision

BIM modeling

3D Design - Coordination - Automation - Data Management

Water pressure tests

Dynamic and static tests - Engineer's reports - For fire protection and aqueduct

Fire Protection

Engineering - Design - Inspection - Verification

Fire alarm

Engineering - Design - Inspection - Verification

Inspection and Verification

Fire Protection and Alarm - Seismic Supports - Signals - Annual Inspections


Tests - Integration - Performance validation - Documentation

Multi-residential construction

Apartments - Condos


Smart cloud tools for the entire project lifecycle.
Total flexibility of state-of-the-art BIM and cloud technologies throughout the project lifecycle.

BIM in a flexible, simple and fast cloud

Secure storage and collaboration space

Centralized and private Teams Collaboration: Web meetings, screen sharing and chat

Collaborative Projects Management space

SMS and voice ChatBot for a human like experience

SynQBIM's backend access toolkit

Real time Big Data analysis and trending


These documents are based on standard operating procedures (SOP) developed by Synq. We use more than 40 standardized procedures on all our projects which allow the repeatability and stability of the processes thus offering efficiency and quality on all our projects. Inspection and test plans, change tracking, non-conformity reports and mechanical completion are just a few examples of these SOP.


Commissioning 101


Documentation 101


Pumps 101


Fire hydrant water flow test


Stephan Thériault, ing. PMP

Construction, Operations and Logistics

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Automation, Big Data and Implementation

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